Catching Up With The Qweens! HIGHLIGHT: Justin Bieber Loves Jazmine Masters



Open the gallery of our stunning qweens.

Episode Description


Jazmine Masters spills all the T on some of her new fame that came from the reblogging of one of Jazmine’s videos!

Henny, today we had all the divas in the house for a very special episode of Catching Up With The Queens, a new Hey Qween! special including the supersized queen of all queens, Latrice Royale ready to give us an update on her life after her proposal to her new fiancé! Miss Royale gives us the whole story, from meeting her future husband at a meet and greet to proposing on stage after a performance! If that wasn’t enough, the fabulous Jasmine Masters takes time away from her best friend Justin Beiber and her newfound internet fame when she stops by to dish about the whirlwind week she’s been having! And to top it all off, the amazing Trinity K. Bonet take a seat with Lady Red with a very special announcement that you don’t want to miss! Trust. This episode is everything!