VENUS D’LITE on Drag & Addiction

By Matt Valdez

In the world of Drag, getting on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is not unlike finding the Golden ticket to a fantasy chocolate factory.

You can go from a struggling artist to a world-famous superstar over night like one of the show’s most popular contestants Trixie Mattel.

But there is another side to fame that isn’t as glamorous. From fan backlash to addictions, some queens actually suffered from their time in the spotlight while their fellow contestants prevailed.

WATCH: Venus D’Lite on Hey Qween! – Part 2

During her Hey Qween! interview, Venus D’Lite revealed that after her elimination from the show, her life began spiraling out of control.

“In those two years after Drag Race, I really got myself into some trouble and it was a nightmare,” she reveals. “I wasn’t doing anything besides getting high in my black hole of depression… you know, with the spiders and the men with white faces. ”

She would continue on her path of self destruction until one day she finally realized she had hit rock bottom.

“I was hanging out with this guy in his garage,” she explains. “He was living in his garage and I got high with him for 13 hours straight and that’s when it hit me.”

“I said to myself, ‘This is where my life is going. You’re going to be living in a garage, this is where you’re going and you need to stop.”

WATCH: Venus D’Lite on Hey Qween! – Part 3

Since then Venus has worked tirelessly to turn her life around and has continued to push forward with her career in drag.

“The first year was hard because I had put all this crazy stuff into my body, but I took a break from everything,” Venus explains. “I went to go work with my dad, I did a lot of dirty work and really got to know myself. I got myself together and I did it on my own.”

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